Service Charges:

Type of Services Fee
Brokerage (By Telephone) 0.18 % on Transaction Amount.
Minimum HK$80.00
Brokerage (By Internet) 0.06 % on Transaction Amount.
Minimum HK$50.00
(Non-Account Executive client only)
* Calculated based on the Transaction Amount, brokerage rate can be as low as 0.01% if client reaches the particular monthly turnover tier according to the below table:

Monthly turnover (HK$)       Brokerage rates(%) (Tiered pricing)#
0-10,000,000       0.06%
10,000,001-20,000,000       0.05%
20,000,001-50,000,000       0.03%
50,000,001-100,000,000       0.02%
100,000,001 or above       0.01%
Stamp duty 0.13% of Transaction Amount (rounded up to the nearest dollar)
Transaction levy 0.0027% on total Transaction Amount
Trading Fee 0.005% on Transaction Amount
CCASS Fee 0.005% on total Transaction Amount
(Minimum HK$5.00, Maximum HK$300.00)
Penalty interest on loan / Amount overdue Maximum (Hang Seng Bank Prime + 30%)
IPO / Placement Application HK$100.00 each application
Physical Stock Deposit Free, but subject to HK$5.00 per Transfer Deed
Physical Stock Withdrawal HK$5.00 per lot / odd lot
Settlement Instruction ("SI") for shares Free on Receipt
0.01% of gross value on Delivery (Minimum HK$25.00)
Individual S.I. ("ISI") for shares Free on Receipt
HK$20.00 each on Delivery
Share register for physical scrip HK$5.00 per lot / add lot (Minimum HK$100)
Share register on book-close date (for first registration)
- For entitlement collection
- But not involve any entitlement

HK$2.00 per lot / odd lot
HK$1.50 per lot / odd lot
Collection of Cash dividend / cash option 0.5% of cash dividend (Minimum HK$20.00)
Collection of bonus share / scrip option HK$1.00 per lot / odd lot (Minimum HK$20.00)
Collection of bonus warrants / right free
Share subdivision / consolidation / re-organization free
Exercise of rights / warrants / callable Bull Bear Contracts HK$80.00 + Fee levied by CCASS
Claim for entitlement HK$500.00 each claim
Monthly Statement Re-print HK$30.00 for each statement older than 3 months
Bounced cheque HK$100.00 each bounced cheque
Stop payment of Cheque HK$150.00 each cheque
Letter of Certification of Account Balance HK$150.00 each letter
Telegraphic Transfer HK$150.00 + Bank Charges
Stock Segregated Account with Statement Service Monthly Fee HK$20.00
Real-time Quotation Service :
AFE snapshot quote

AFE real-time streaming quote

HK$ 0.3 per quote (exchange levy inclusive)
Client can enjoy 200 free quote each month. Extra 200 free quote will be offered for every HK$1,000,000 transaction amount. Residual will be cleared.

HK$ 368 per month (exchange levy inclusive)
To initialize the service, 2 month fee of deposit and 1 month service fee have to be paid in advance
To be paid in advance every month
(If the monthly accumulated commission exceeds HK$2,000 , the quotation fee of that month will be rebated. The rebate will automatically credit the client securities account.)
Please refer to the application form to details.


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