• Background


    Malahon Securities Limited, a member of the Malahon Group of Companies, is a retail securities brokerage firm which has been in operation since 1984, initially as a member of the Far East Stock Exchange and later, as a member of the “Unified” Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since its inception in 1986.

    Having serviced the community with a multitude of financial products, we decided to focus purely on securities trading services since 1992.

    Our securities trading products are mainly shares and warrants listed on the SEHK. This strategy has allowed us to grasp a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the securities industry, as well as reducing our overall operational risk exposure.

    Located in the heart of Central district in Hong Kong, we occupy 5th and 6th floors of Malahon Centre.


    Customer-oriented Spirit


    All the time we adhere to our customer-oriented spirit. Focusing on cordial customer relations and support, we response to all enquiries and telephone trading orders with courtesy.

    Our experienced and professional staff provide excellent services of security trading to benefit our clients.


    Services Offered


    With the quotation and trading system supplied, we provide our clients with quick and accurate market information.

    Besides placing order through telephone, our customers can easily trade through the internet without time and geographic restrictions.


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